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Gum Disease Treatment in Henderson


When we think of a healthy smile, most of us immediately think of dazzling white teeth that almost seem to sparkle in the daylight. However, the foundation for such a smile begins with proper oral care and healthy gums.

If not properly cared for, your gums can be exposed to harmful bacteria, which can create plaque or tartar buildup at the base of the teeth. This can eventually lead to periodontal disease—an inflammatory infection of the gum that can not only cause bleeding gums, but even tooth loss!

At Vibrant Dental, we take proactive steps to protect our patients from gum disease. This is why we offer Perio Protect as our solution for gum disease treatment at our Henderson locations to help create the foundation for the healthiest and happiest of smiles.

What Is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect is a system made to help you deep clean every tiny area in your smile. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are the traditional ways to combat the bacterial buildup that may lead to gum disease—but they are not enough on their own. These methods can neglect bacteria that stay hidden beneath the gumline, or sometimes they don’t eliminate certain types of bacteria.

Perio Protect provides a solution to both of these problems by creating a custom dental tray that matches a patient’s teeth. This tray will act as a delivery system for bacteria fighting medication that will reach beneath the gumline—helping clean those spaces regular brushing misses, and preventing periodontal disease.

Am I a Candidate for Perio Protect?

The benefits of healthy gums apply to everyone! If you have questions, our dental care team is happy to discuss whether this treatment is right for you.

To help determine whether you are a likely candidate for Perio Protection treatments, consider the following that are high risk factors for gum disease:

  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing.
  • Red and inflamed gums.
  • Tender or sore gums.
  • Teeth that are sensitive to temperature.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Persistent bad breath.

If one or more of these conditions applies to you, consider scheduling a consultation with us!

The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect: Non-Invasive Therapy for Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that is hidden below your gums. Dental cleanings can effectively treat the bacteria, but when you return home the cycle often continues. Bacterial cells grow back in just hours after a cleaning, and toothbrush, rinse, and floss can’t reach deep enough to address the infection at home.

The Perio Tray by Perio Protect gently applies medication deep under the gums to fight the infections. You use it at home for just minutes each day. The Tray is comfortable, flexible, and custom-fit precisely for your mouth.

With Perio Tray therapy, you have a new chance against infections. In addition to healthier gums, patients commonly report whiter teeth and fresher breath. If you’ve been told that you have gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis), ask our team if Perio Trays are right for you.

Protect Your Smile With Healthier Gums Today!

The winning combination of Vibrant Dental and Perio Protection can keep your gums healthy and build a better foundation for your finest smile. Schedule your consultation by contacting our Henderson office today!

Wonderful staff! Very caring the moment you walk through the door! Dr. Timpson explained in detail the procedure and made my decision so much easier. No discomfort during or after! Process was very easy from beginning to end! I feel that my dental health is in great hands!
– Michelle W.

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