About Us

Henderson NV Dentist Established in 1990

Warm Springs Dental was established in 1990 when Dr. Robert Nisson left his position as an associate Dentist in Boulder City, NV. Dr. Nisson leased a small space on the corner of Warm Springs and Green Valley Pkwy, furnished it, hung his name on the front door, and named his new company Warm Springs Dental after the street address. Offering caring and dedicated dentistry, Warm Springs Dental began to grow. And grow it did! In only a few years’ time, Dr. Nisson needed help seeing the new patients that were seeking exceptional care.

In 1994 Dr. Nisson convinced his Dental School room-mate, Dr. Corry Timpson, to leave a 5-year associate Dentist position in Santa Monica, CA and join forces at Warm Springs Dental. In 1994 Dr. Timpson was one of a small number to pass the Nevada State Dental Board Exam, becoming licensed in Nevada to practice his skills with Dr. Nisson. Even with two full-time Dentists practicing expanded hours in that little office, the patients seeking great dental care soon overwhelmed both Dr. Nisson and Dr. Timpson.

It was around that time that a tragic but seemingly fortunate event brought Drs. Nisson, Timpson and now Dr. Newton together. Throughout Dental School, a 30-year preclinical instructor at the USC School of Dentistry by the name of Robert Wallin, D.D.S. would ask the top-performing dental students to make his gold restorations for his private practice in Santa Monica. All three Doctors (Nisson, Timpson, and Newton) were the top-performing preclinical students (Newton USCDS class of 1988 and Dr’s. Nisson and Timpson USCDS class of 1989) and were asked to make Dr. Wallin’s crowns. In 1985, the three Doctors of Warm Springs Dental were already working together as a private gold lab. In 1996 Dr. Wallin lost a battle with cancer and since Dr. Newton and Timpson were both associates for Dr. Wallin, they both attended his funeral, in essence reuniting.

It was after that service where Dr. Timpson proposed that Dr. Newton should consider selling his private practice in Arcadia, CA and join the practice of Warm Springs Dental. In the same year, Dr. Newton then became one of a small number to pass the Nevada State Dental Exam to join with Dr’s. Nisson and Timpson in that small, now ever so tiny office on Warm Springs and Green Valley Parkway. In just a few months’ time, it was obvious that the team of three Dentists and staff needed a bigger office. The current modern office at Warm Springs and Stephanie across from Green Valley High School was then built and has become the thriving practice you see and hear about today.

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