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Dental technology is constantly improving to give us more options to treat you and to make those treatments faster, more comfortable, and more convenient for our patients. At Vibrant Dental, we make great efforts to provide our patients with some of the greatest advantages this technology has to offer.


Compared to conventional x-rays, digital x-rays provide results faster, and they’re also much more comfortable for patients. We use digital x-rays to come up with accurate diagnoses, especially for procedures such as finding cavities when they begin or placing tooth implants. This allows our dentists to pull up real-time images of your bone structure, zoom in on them, and discuss your best treatment options based on the x-rays.


An intraoral camera is a high-definition scanner to capture up-close and personal details from the inside of your mouth significantly better than we could see with a tiny mirror. We use this camera to view the extent of tooth damage, record images of the inside of the mouth, and even zoom in to check treatments for precision and correctness.

This camera also allows us to show you the inside of your mouth from our view, with the images projected on a screen. We use this feature to educate our patients and walk them through the treatment plan options. The predictability of this advanced technology creates the best-fitting restorations possible.


When you have a damaged tooth, you want to get it fixed and restored as soon as possible. That’s why we have a CEREC mill, which offers one of the quickest and most effective means to treat a damaged tooth. This advanced technology allows us to create a high-quality, customized crown and place it in a single appointment.

By using 3-D imaging, our CEREC machine is able to design and build your custom and permanent dental restoration before you even leave the dentist’s chair. The result is a vastly improved restorative process that provides a comfortable and convenient experience.


Remember when dental impressions meant a mouthful of sour-tasting goop? Thanks to the revolutionary iTero® intraoral scanner, those messy molds are a thing of the past at Vibrant Dental. Our iTero scanner takes detailed digital impressions of your teeth and gums without exposure to x-rays, discomfort, or guesswork to get an image faster and more comfortably than molds. The iTero also helps us more accurately place Invisalign aligners, dental implants, or other treatments.

CONE BEAM CT SCANNER (Anthem location only)

With our Cone Beam CT Scanner, we’re able to create accurate 3D digital images that allow us to make more accurate diagnoses, properly evaluate your mouth, and create more personalized treatment plans. This technology is particularly useful for dental pathology procedures and implant dentistry.


We use a computer program specifically designed for TMJ Disorder treatment to map the jaw (mandible) as a critical step to reducing pain and resolving TMJ issues. This Gnathic Neuromuscular Dentistry (GNM) mapping tracks and records all activity of the muscles that control the TMJ. It also listens to the TMJ joint to record the sounds of movement to further our understanding of the issues involved. Finally, the computer mapping tracks the six planes that the jaw moves in. By using this information, we create an orthotic to exactly position the bite in order to relax the facial and head muscles, which relieves the TMJ pain and tension.


We have TVs in all our treatment rooms to give patients something to watch during their cleanings or treatments to help make the time go faster for your visit.


We know that technology can make running an office easier and more efficient. We have computer charting in our offices to more accurately track treatments and our patients’ history.

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