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Emergency Treatment with CEREC Crowns

Emergencies happen to everyone. Having a damaged tooth can be a pretty sudden and uncomfortable change. You may feel like your smile is no longer as beautiful as it once was. The tooth may also be uncomfortable to eat with or speak with. Leaving it can damage your smile and oral health in the long term.

In emergencies like this, we can fix your damaged tooth with a CEREC crown. These crowns are made the same day as your appointment—perfect for emergencies!

Treating Dental Emergencies

If you lose a tooth or damage a tooth, contact your local emergency dentist as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, you can call Vibrant Dental for emergency care.

What to Do When Your Tooth Breaks

If you have a broken or cracked tooth, it can be painful and worrying, but your dentist is there to help. Just follow these steps, and you’ll get a beautifully repaired tooth in no time:

  1. Call your dentist and let them know the situation.
  2. Following your dentist’s instructions, preserve any tooth fragments in milk or in your cheek.
  3. Apply a cold compress and over-the-counter pain relievers if necessary.
  4. Attend your emergency appointment.

At your appointment, your dentist will be able to tell you what kind of treatment would be best for your situation. In many cases, a dental crown is used to fix broken teeth.

Put Your Smile Back to Normal

If you have a damaged tooth due to a dental emergency, ask your dentist about getting CEREC crowns. These crowns can be completed in one appointment! You can have your smile back to normal quickly.

Getting CEREC crowns will:

  • Protect your tooth from further damage
  • Restore your smile’s aesthetics
  • Make the treatment process faster
  • Maintain your speech patterns and ability to chew

You can get a same-day CEREC crown shortly after your tooth has been damaged. You’ll be able to leave the emergency appointment with a new tooth.

Wow! Same-Day Crowns?

CEREC technology utilizes porcelain milling machines to make your crown in the dental office. The crowns are customized to your tooth, tooth color, and smile, so they look and feel natural. You will not be able to tell the difference between a CEREC crown and your regular teeth.

These permanent crowns are made out of ceramic, one of the preferred crown materials. The ceramic is very durable and matches the color of your other teeth. It is resistant to staining and chipping, so our crowns can last a lifetime if treated well.

When you go in for emergency treatment, you may be able to get your same-day crown right then and there! Be sure to ask your dentist if that is something they offer. You will not have to be worried about having a damaged tooth for long.

Not every dental office has same-day crowns, but Vibrant Dental does. If you want same-day crowns in the Henderson, Nevada, area, call us today!

Bridges for Dental Emergencies

If you have completely lost a tooth due to a dental emergency, we also offer dental bridges. Dental bridges may not be a same-day appointment like our crowns, but they work similarly. They are durable and made of porcelain just like our crowns, but they can fix a missing tooth!

Bridges use neighboring teeth to create a ‘bridge,’ filling a gap in your smile with a replacement tooth. They are permanent fixtures and can fix a lot in your smile!

Revitalize Your Damaged Smile Today

Have a damaged tooth from a dental emergency? CEREC crowns can provide a quick and permanent fix to that unsightly tooth. Get a same-day crown to bring back your smile, at Vibrant Dental in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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