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What Can Complete Health Dentistry Help With?

Pain or discomfort from oral health concerns and sleep apnea is not normal! Thankfully, certain approaches to dentistry aim to treat the root of your symptoms, erasing them forever.

Complete health dentistry, also known as whole-health dentistry, is a specific approach to dentistry that looks at your oral health, habits, sleep patterns, diet, and a plethora of other things.

Recommendations from a dentist who uses the whole health approach may be things that initially appear to be unrelated to your oral health, but can revolutionize how you feel overall. Some of the main times complete health dentistry can be helpful include treatments for sleep apnea, TMJ, and tooth decay.

Treating the Underlying Causes

Complete health dentistry usually attacks the underlying causes of things, not the symptoms by themselves.

Treating the underlying issues is intended to remove the symptoms, and can lead to a higher level of health overall. Whole health dentistry raises your entire quality of life. While we are working on treating the underlying causes of things, we will also help mitigate your active symptoms, allowing you to get back to your regular life.

Tooth Decay

Everyone has slight tooth decay as they age, even if they have perfect oral health. A cavity here or there may not be entirely preventable. But if you are experiencing rapid tooth decay, many cavities, or lots of tooth pain, a complete look at your health may be necessary.

Rapid tooth decay may be a result of disease affecting other parts of the body—we may recommend you to a general health practitioner for evaluation.

Tooth decay and toothaches can also be caused by a poor diet or inflammation. These are things that you can change by following your dentist’s and doctor’s recommendations. Things like eating more vitamin-rich foods may not initially appear to be directly affecting your teeth, but changing your diet may completely change your oral health.

TMJ Pain

Tooth, mouth, and jaw pain is caused by a plethora of issues, and some people remain untreated for their entire lives. Complete health dentistry seeks to look at the cause of the pain, removing it if possible. Inflammation and stress may be things that we treat, instead of just recommending painkillers for the symptoms.

Botox and other treatments, such as chiropractic work, may also be a solution to your TMJ. These treatments help the weak joint become stronger and more relaxed over time. Whole-body dentistry will work with other doctors to give you the best oral health possible.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, just like TMJ, has many underlying causes. It can result in sleepless nights and sleep deprivation, highly affecting your quality of life and relationships.

Complete health dentistry avoids immediately turning to dental appliances and instead will utilize advanced sleep testing to help you with your specific needs. Testing, scans, and frank discussions about your health will help us treat you more effectively.

The solutions for sleep apnea vary from person to person, but we will investigate sinus health, as well as the stress level of our patient. Weight loss and diet alterations may be recommendations for a whole health approach to giving you better sleep.

The Benefits of Complete Health Dentistry

When any health practitioner looks at the patient as a whole, they gain a greater understanding of the causes behind certain symptoms. Hopefully, we can help you be an overall healthier person by focusing on more than just your mouth.

Learn More About Complete Health Dentistry

The complete health dentistry approach may be the solution to your chronic symptoms and discomfort. By utilizing medical technology and the expertise of a team of doctors, your oral health can change for the better. Contact Vibrant Dental in Henderson, Nevada, to learn more about holistic or complete health dentistry today!

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