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Invisalign for Teens

Are your parents recommending braces for you? While getting orthodontic treatment is a good idea for teens, the prospect of getting braces tightened and wearing unflattering metal on your teeth can be pretty intimidating.

Invisalign invisible orthodontics may be the solution you need to keep your smile looking amazing throughout your high school experience. Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that moves your teeth using clear aligners, making it virtually impossible to notice.

Orthodontic Work for Teens

Dentists often recommend that teens get orthodontic treatment because your teeth are easier to move when you are younger.

Because your teeth are more willing to move, the process will be less painful and quicker if you do it when you’re young. If you wear your retainers, your teeth will also remain straight for the rest of your life, helping your confidence as you grow older. However, this does not make wanting braces any easier!

Comfortable and Easy Straightening

Because Invisalign uses aligner trays, they can be removed at any time. You will take them out when you eat, play sports, and play musical instruments. They will not hinder your day-to-day life. Invisalign allows you to eat whatever you would like, unlike regular metal braces.

Invisalign can be quicker than traditional braces, which is especially true for teens because their teeth are easily moved. Some treatment times can be as short as six months!

The retainers also allow you to speak normally. You will not have to go about your high school experience with a lisp, nor are sores from the retainers likely. Your experience should be a comfortable and easy one with Invisalign.

How Does It Work?

  1. Consultation and Impressions: First, we will have a consultation with you and your family to design your ideal smile! If you have goals for your smile, you get to tell us. While Vibrant Dental designs your smile, we will be able to give you an estimate of how long your Invisalign treatment will last.
  2. Aligner Creation: From our design, we will create clear aligners that will slowly shift your teeth to their desired positions.
  3. Wearing the Aligners: Once you have your ideal smile created, you will receive your aligners. Aligners are typically replaced every two weeks. Over time, you will notice your smile straightening out, the gaps and crooked teeth disappearing. You will wear the aligners around twenty-three hours a day.

Treatment that Works for YOU

Invisalign will help you continue to smile through high school and all of its ups and downs. With this treatment, your prom pictures, graduation, and big presentations will be free of lisping and unsightly metal wires. Your friends will likely not even notice that you have started an orthodontic treatment until they realize that your smile is straighter!

Invisalign is a good solution for teens who need mild to moderate orthodontic adjustment. For small gaps, crooked teeth, or uncentered teeth, this is the perfect solution!

Because Invisalign uses clear aligners, it cannot adjust your jaw alignment more than slightly. If you have an over-bite or under-bite, traditional braces may be able to help you better with the changes you need.

If you struggle with consistency or setting new habits, Invisalign might not work for you. If you are worried that you may forget to put in your retainers, or you find retainers to be uncomfortable, you may prefer braces that you do not have to take on and off.

Stay Confident as a Teen

It is important to feel confident in smiling, no matter your age. Invisalign helps you straighten your teeth, giving you a neater smile, without ruining your current smile. Help yourself feel proud to show off your teeth, with Invisalign. Have your parents ask Vibrant Dental in Henderson, Nevada, about Invisalign treatment.

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