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Smile Imperfections? 5 Issues Corrected by Dental Bonding

A perfectly white, uniform, and straight smile is desired by many. Unfortunately, many people put off cosmetic dental procedures for fear of racking up expensive dental bills or undergoing complicated procedures that may seem time or resource intensive.

If a cracked tooth or a dull smile has you hiding your teeth when laughing, talking, or smiling in public, you’re not alone. Fortunately, many dental imperfections are easily remedied thanks to dental bonding, a simple and cost-effective cosmetic procedure that can transform your smile in just a single visit.

Dental Bonding 101

Dental Bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin to sculpt and restore your teeth with durable, natural-looking materials that blend seamlessly into the rest of your smile. Bonding is a great option for those who want a cosmetic dental procedure that does the following:

  • Can be completed in just one dental visit.
  • Requires little to no anesthetic.
  • Costs less than other cosmetic procedures.
  • Can be customized according to your smile goals.
  • Uses materials that blend with your surrounding teeth.
  • Allows you to maintain your natural tooth, unlike other procedures.

Dental bonding is an excellent choice for a variety of patients, whether you have just one tooth with cosmetic imperfections or several teeth that keep you from smiling comfortably.

Fix Smile Flaws With Dental Bonding

If any of the following cosmetic dental issues apply to you and your smile, dental bonding may help you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

1. Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Whether you cracked a tooth while playing your favorite contact sport or have a habit of chewing on hard objects, cracks in your teeth may have you feeling insecure about your smile. Dental bonding can heal one or more teeth by restoring a broken tooth or covering unsightly cracks with resin material custom-made to match the shade of the nearby teeth

2. Tooth Discoloration

Many patients who want a whiter smile opt for professional whitening procedures. However, some stains are too deep in the enamel to be reached by topical whitening treatments, and some patients may be sensitive or unable to receive bleaching solutions. Bonding material can be made a few shades lighter than your existing teeth to whiten and brighten your smile in under an hour.

3. Dental Sensitivity

Over time, your tooth enamel can begin to erode due to age, acidic foods, medications, and other causes. The composite resin used in dental bonding treatments can strengthen and reinforce your teeth to add a protective layer to your smile, making it easier to withstand temperature and pressure changes on your teeth.

4. Gaps Between Teeth

Large spaces between your teeth can make it difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean and prevent cavities and gum irritation. Dental bonding can not only restore teeth to their original shape and size but it can also be used to reshape and alter your teeth to correct the general spacing and uniformity of your smile.

5. Dental decay

The material used for dental bonding is often the same one used to fill cavities. Dental decay can impact all areas of your teeth. Bonding material can be used to restore teeth with minor or advanced dental decay, whether the tooth has minor white spots or noticeable gray areas from enamel deterioration.

Exceptional Dental Bonding in Henderson, NV

The dental bonding process can heal several common dental issues, from small imperfections to permanent flaws. It’s a faster and cheaper way to fix your teeth than porcelain veneers or crowns.

Wondering if dental bonding is right for you? Give it a try! Contact the experienced dental team at Vibrant Dental to request an appointment and get started today.

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