Emergency Dental Services in Henderson

The unexpected always seems to find a way to disrupt our day to day lives—and the most stressful unexpected events are health emergencies. Thankfully, Vibrant Dental is here to help patients in the Henderson area through any abrupt oral care crisis with our emergency dental services.

Our dedicated dental team will do our best to accommodate your schedule and get you the care you need as quickly as possible.

Signs of an Oral Care Crisis

The severity of an oral care crisis may vary. Some problems can wait a day or two, and others need to be seen right away. Whatever your concern, if you believe you are in need of emergency dental services, call our office immediately!

If you are uncertain whether you are an experiencing a dental emergency, consider the following symptoms that often require emergency dental care:

  • Intense toothaches or other oral pain.
  • A cracked tooth or fractured teeth.
  • One or more chipped or broken teeth.
  • A partially dislodged tooth or extremely loose permanent tooth.
  • Any damage to the soft tissue of the mouth (includes tongue, interior of the cheek, and gums).
  • Excessive bleeding in your mouth.

Should one or more of these symptoms apply to you, contact Vibrant Dental immediately. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, as well as offer advice for safe home care until you get to our office.

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Don’t Risk Your Dental Health, Call Now!

With our talented dental team here at Vibrant Dental, along with our commitment to your health and happiness, there is no reason to go another moment in pain or dental discomfort. We are ready to accommodate every patient who needs immediate treatment for their oral health crisis, which begins with a call.


Contact our office in Henderson to receive the quick and effective treatment that will resolve your dental emergency.

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