CEREC One Visit Crowns

At Vibrant Dental, we have an unwavering commitment to our patients’ health and happiness—and that includes reducing your stress and time spent at the dental office.

When you have any dental damage, our office wants to help get your smile back to health and get you back to your life as soon as possible! That’s why we offer one of the quickest and most effective means to treat a damaged tooth: CEREC, advanced technology that allows a high-quality, customized crown to be created and placed in a single appointment.

How Do CEREC Same-Day Crowns Work?

When patients hear that they can get a personalized dental crown during a single appointment, some may wonder if it is too good to be true. At Vibrant Dental, we have dedicated dentists who use only the top-tier dental technology, making one day crowns not only possible, but popular!

Using CEREC technology, we will create a digital image of your teeth and jaw—focusing on the problematic tooth. These digital images will be used to craft a personalized, beautiful, ceramic crown right here in our office.

This high-quality ceramic crown will cover or even replace your damaged tooth, all while looking just like the rest of your natural teeth. Thanks to CEREC and our dental team, you don’t have to wait for weeks from your initial appointment to get a new crown. Simply schedule a consultation, and our CEREC one-visit crowns will have your smile vibrant and ready in time for your next event!

Why Would I Need a New Crown?

Besides a painful accident that damages your teeth, our teeth are imperfect. Over time they can wear down and get chipped or cracked more easily. This superficial damage can lead to deeper problems or infection on the inside of your tooth later down the road.

A CEREC same-day crown can restore your smile if you suffer from one or more of the following:

  • Broken tooth.
  • Chipped tooth.
  • Cracked tooth.
  • Infected tooth.
  • Misshapen tooth.

CEREC crowns are also used to cap a tooth that has just had a root canal procedure to seal the tooth off and protect it from further interior damage.

You may also get a CEREC crown to replace a tooth that has been so far damaged that it needs to be extracted. If you need a tooth replaced, we can secure the crown with a dental bridge or implant.

One Call, One Visit, One Beautiful Crown

One visit to Vibrant Dental is all it takes to get a damaged tooth fixed with a beautiful ceramic crown. Call our office to schedule a CEREC appointment today.

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