Free Smile Trial

We all want to have a fantastic smile that we’re happy to share with the world. However, it can be nerve wracking to commit to a lot of dental work when you don’t know if you’ll like the outcome. At Vibrant Dental, we can understand and appreciate this concern, this is why our practice offers free smile trials!

This service allows each patient to see their ideal smiles and experience the change it can bring in your life. All before committing to any permanent dental treatments!

What Exactly Is a Smile Trial?

At Vibrant Dental, we are committed to your health and happiness. Naturally, this means we want to be as accurate as possible when providing the best oral health treatments or cosmetic dental treatments.

To reach this goal, we offer smile trials, also known as mock-ups, to give you a temporary version of your smile makeover. After all, you try on clothes and you test drive a car before you buy them—why should dental work be any different?

The Smile Trial Process

These smile trials begin with a consultation with our experienced dental professionals. During this consultation, we get to know what you are looking for in your smile. We’ll provide information on which treatments might best suit your needs, and together, we’ll come up with a smile design that matches your ideal.

Next, we will create a temporary version of your smile, using either a set of temporary veneers or composite resin bonding. You can wear this temporary design for a few days to see how much you like it or if there are any changes you wish to see.

Finally, you’ll come back to our office at Vibrant Dental where we can make any final adjustments and fit you with the permanent upgrades to your smile.

Experience Your Picture Perfect Smile Without the Commitment

With a free smile trial, there is no need to hesitate or wonder what a new smile can do for you. At Vibrant Dental, you get peace of mind being able to preview your beautifully designed, temporary smile. Schedule your free smile trial consultation and experience life with a picture perfect smile!

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