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A Better Way to Treat TMJ

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The question of what TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is can be very diverse. Treatment has even been more so. We approach the question from a scientific perspective. This means we understand the pain associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) related issues is directed mostly through the muscles and soft tissues that control the jaw movement.

While many are worried about how the teeth and joint relate to the TMJ, we believe the pain, the grinding, the clenching, tooth breaking, neck and back discomfort and more, are related to the way the muscles and soft tissues direct the swing or what we call the “MYO” trajectory of the jaw. While many people can be helped with a night guard or grinding appliance for clenching and or grinding, the true resolution of TMJ issues is finding this Myo-trajectory.

So why do some patients feel better with a simple night guard? The answer is that all of us are different. The human body can accommodate and adjust to various treatments, and for many, just a small piece of plastic in the form of a tooth guard can be that help. This doesn’t mean that the TMJ is fixed or resolved, it just means that the pain threshold has been reduced and therefore it feels better. And for some this can be all that is required. But for others and many who continue with pain and severe TMJ disorder, that is not enough.

This is why GNM was developed. Gnathic Neuromuscular treatment is designed to treat the causes of TMJ, not just the symptoms. It even differs from basic NeuroMuscular treatments of earlier origins. This advanced treatment has been developed and fine tuned by world-renowned TMJ dentist, Dr. Clayton Chan, who has taught a limited number of dentists around the world his successful technique. At Vibrant Dental, we therefore follow this protocol to treat and resolve the TMJ disorder for a better and longer lasting level of comfort.

There is a way to stop the grinding and clenching by increasing the airway and reducing the Central Nervous Systems stimulations that are heightened by the TMJ process. You can be pain-free and feel less tension throughout your whole body with the GNM treatment at Vibrant Dental.

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